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Our focus is creating success through partnership with our clients – by helping them to uncover the true power in their numbers. We have co-developed an extensive range of "dashboard" software tools and resources designed to put the business owner in the driving seat of their business. There are three entry points into Castle Heslop which we call Numbers, Board View and our customized Virtual FD service.

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Watch our 6 minute video below that can help you change your business quickly and with lasting results.


Consulting has grown into a significant portion of our business over the past few years. With years of accounting experience we have developed a strong understanding of business processes and the problems that most businesses face as they grow. More importantly we can see the signs long before the problems become fully developed.

Some businesses may have operating budgets, gross margins, salaries, employee turnover, accounts receivable or employment practices that cannot be maintained for the long run. We know what to look for and more importantly how to remedy the core issues affecting the business so that your business can grow!

Yes, we do your accounting but that is only the beginning! The knowledge that we get from understanding your core financial issues allows us to provide deep and significant changes to your business.